Sr. No Name Designation


Prof. G.K. Deshmukh                                 



Prof. S. M. Shaikh                                                



Computer Technology / Computer Engineering / Information Technology
Sr. No.      Name                                     Designation
1  Prof. L. B.Chougule                                               HOD
2 Prof. R. G. Deshmukh Lecturer
3  Prof. R.Y.Biradar                                               Lecturer
4 Prof. K.C.Gholasgaon Lecturer
5  Prof.M.R.Dhobale                                          Lecturer
6 Prof. P. D. Thorat Lecturer
7  Prof. A. U. Kuntham                                                   Lecturer
8  Prof.  S. B. Kadam                                                 Lecturer
9  Prof. P. D. Sapate                                                 Lecturer
10  Prof.  S. P. Bhobale                                                 Lecturer


Electronics and TeleCommunication
Sr. No. Name                                 Designation
 1  Prof. K. H. Wagh                                              HOD
2  Prof. A. A. Joshi                                          Lecturer
3  Prof. G. P. Tikure                                            Lecturer
4  Prof. S. B. Khadake Lecturer
5  Prof. S. R. Trimukhe                                               Lecturer
6  Prof. A. C. Nakate                                           Lecturer
7 Prof. S. P. Dolli Lecturer
8  Prof. M. R. Patil Lecturer
9 Prof. A. R. Tambile Lecturer
10  Prof. A. K. Gadgoli Lecturer


Mechanical Engineering
Sr. No.      Name                      Designation
 1  Prof.  A. S. Dhavale                  HOD
2  Prof.   S. D. Bundale                                       HOD(Shift)
3  Prof.  R. T. Bhiste                                   Lecturer
4  Prof. V. R. Muttagi Lecturer
5  Prof. P. S. Valsange Lecturer
6  Prof. Y. A. Ingale Lecturer
7  Prof. K. V. Mahindrakar Lecturer
8  Prof. M. V. Buddhe Lecturer
9  Prof. R.A. Deshmukh Lecturer
10  Prof. S. S. Ajnalkar Lecturer
 11 Prof. A. M. Avadut                  Lecturer
12  Prof.  V. G. Timir                                       Lecturer
13  Prof.  V. V. Chavan                                   Lecturer
14  Prof. B. C. Huskamuri Lecturer
15  Prof. N. B. Jadhav Lecturer
16  Prof. A. U. Kale Lecturer
17  Prof. A. B. Pawar Lecturer
18  Prof. R. P. Gade Lecturer
19  Prof. A. N. Gaikwad Lecturer
20  Prof. V. M. Samaleti Lecturer
21  Prof. R. V. Madhekar Lecturer
22  Prof. M. A. Chopade Lecturer
23  Prof. Ajinkya. B. Pawar Lecturer


Electrical Engineering
Sr. No.      Name                        Designation
 1  Prof.  A. H. A. R. Shaikh HOD
2  Prof.  S. S. Manjare Lecturer
3  Prof.  P. V. Sakhare Lecturer
4  Prof.   A. B. Babre Lecturer
5  Prof.  Z. A. R. Shaikh Lecturer
6  Prof.   P. B. Raut Lecturer
7  Prof.  K. P. Rudrar Lecturer
8  Prof.   G. N. Patange Lecturer
9  Prof.  N. S. Shelke Lecturer


Civil Engineering
Sr. No.      Name                       Designation
 1  Prof. A.R. Pethkar HOD
2  Prof.  R.G.Deshmukh Lecturer
3  Prof. M.A.Arewale Lecturer
4  Prof. L. R. Bilorewale Lecturer
5  Prof. M. P. Ambalgi Lecturer
6  Prof. V. V. Rathod Lecturer
7  Prof. R. N. Saste Lecturer
8  Prof. P. J. Sathe Lecturer
9  Prof. N. M. Patil Lecturer


General Science
Sr. No.      Name           Designation
 1  Prof. S. N. Chavan                  HOD
2  Prof. B. D. Suryawanshi                                          Lecturer
3  Prof. A. D. Katare Lecturer
4  Prof. P. A. Bhopale Lecturer
5  Prof. R. A. Sinewadiar Lecturer
6 Prof. A. D. Sasane Lecturer
7 Prof. D. B. Koli Lecturer
8 Prof. R. C. Godbole Lecturer
9 Prof. S. S. Dinde Lecturer
10 Prof. M. A. Mulla Lecturer
11 Prof. M. Parameshwari Lecturer
12 Prof. S. N. Mali Lecturer
13 Prof. A. B. Dixit Lecturer
14 Prof. P. L. Shetti Lecturer
15 Prof. S. A. Mali Lecturer
16 Prof. S. B. Waman Lecturer
17 Prof. A. A. Gumaste Lecturer
18 Prof. N. M. Sul Lecturer
19 Prof. M. B. Mane Lecturer


Technical Staff
Sr. No. Name                                 Designation
 1  Mr. Pawar R. R.                                               System Analyst
2  Mr. Patil G. S.                                           Lab Assistant
3  Mr. Pawar S. M.                                            Lab Assistant
4  Mr. Nandikolmath S. S. Lab Assistant
5 Mr.Thadake N. R. Workshop Instructor
6  Mr. Waghmode S. B. Lab Assistant
7  Mr. Kamble V. G.                                               Workshop Instructor
8  Mr. Potdar I. T. Workshop Instructor
9 Mr. Gaikwad S. R. Workshop Instructor
10  Mr. Bevinkatti K. R. Lab Assistant
11 Mr. Patil S. S. Lab Assistant
12  Mr. Shaikh Ashpak. Lab Assistant
12 Mr. H. A. Giri Lab Assistant
13  Mr. I. V. Shinde Lab Assistant


Administration & Library staff
Sr. No.      Name                      Designation
 1  Mr. Gavhane S. P.                 O. S.
2  Mr.   Navatre C. V.                                       Librarian
3  Mr.  Munoli S. K.                                   Acountant
4  Mrs. Borotikar B. S.                                        Jr. Acountant
5  Mr. Pawar V. R. Clerk
6  Mr. Bhopale S. S. Clerk
7  Mr. Wakale N. A. Wireman
8  Mr. Karkanti V. S. Wireman
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